Pure Paws Ear Cleaner 8oz

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Ear Cleaner
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Pure Paws Ear Cleaner is formulated to safely clean your dog’s or cat’s ears. Good routine ear care is important for your pet’s health. Weekly inspections and a quick clean will alleviate future ear problems. When inspecting your pet’s ears a light brown wax in the ear is ok, but black red or infected-looking discharge or a foul odor can indicate a problem that you should bring to the attention of your vet.

1. Apply Pure Paws Ear Cleaner to a cotton pad and place in ear.
2. Gently massage the ear while the cotton ball is in place.
3. Remove cotton ball and gently clean the inside folds of the ear.
4. We do not recommend using cotton swabs in the ear as damage can easily occur.

Witch Hazel,
Colloidal Silver, 
Boric Acid, 
Lemongrass Oil

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