Color System II White Suns 8oz
Color System II White Suns 8oz

White Suns Chalk 8oz

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Powder Chalk
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Pure Paws White Magic Chalk adds texture and body to the applied areas. Great for adding that extra white to the coat for showing. 

For Best Results:

  • Coat hair with a small amount of powder carrier (Pure Paws Texture Thickening Paste or Amplify Foam). Apply the powder with a short bristle brush.

  • Blow dry coat where necessary

  • Brush out any excess powder

  • Remove product from coat after showing by either Bathing the dog with your favorite Pure Paws Shampoo or wiping down the coat with Pure Paws No Rinse Shampoo


Hydrated Lime
Proprietary Natrual Filler (derived from plant life)
Red Iron Oxide
Crystalline Silca Iron Oxide
Yellow Iron Oxide
Titanium Dioxide Iron Oxide
Orange Iron Oxide
Brown Iron Oxide
Sienna Iron Oxide

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