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The Pure Paws Love My Eyes Tear Stain Program is a topical tear stain removal process that was designed to effectively and safely remove tear staining. The program has four steps, each very important to achieve maximum tear staining removal without damaging the coat. 


 Pure Paws has designed this product to be gentle to keep the coat safe. Since this is a gentle product, it must be understood that this is not an overnight process, but must be applied 2-3 times every day to see optimum results. 


 When desired results are achieved, daily maintenance must be done with Love My Eyes to maintain a clean tear-stain free coat.


For Best Results:

  • Spray Debris Cleanser on a clean quilted facial pad. *Please do not spray directly onto face
  • Wipe clean with pad
  • Dry with a clean cloth
  • Follow with step 3  Love My Eyes Protective Cream
  • NOTE:  This is Step 2 of a 4 part program.  Even though the products may be used individually, it is highly recommended to use all 4 products in the Pure Paws Tear Stain Removal Program to get the best results and the healthiest coat

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