No Rinse Shampoo Gallon
No Rinse Shampoo Gallon

No Rinse Shampoo Gallon

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was designed to help clean your dog without the need to rinse.
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Our No Rinse Colorless Shampoo says it all. This shampoo is designed to help cleanse your dog without the need to rinse. And with no added color there is no need to worry about our shampoo depositing any pigment into your dog's coat. This product also contains an odor inhibitor which helps to remove unflattering smells form your little furry companion. This product is perfect for any coat type. For best results with this shampoo, we suggest spritzing your dog with the product, towel drying and following with a blow dryer. Take note however that this product can be used in conjunction with a water rinse. Always take precaution when grooming your dog to avoid getting any shampoo into the dog's eyes.

· The No Rinse Shampoo is safe for both puppies and dogs.

· Contains odor controlling agents that trap and neutralize unwanted smells.

· Soothing lubricants help avoid dryness and irritation.

· Optical brighteners enhance colors & brighten whites in your dog’s coat.

· No added dyes or colors that can stain and damage coats.

· Never travel without it. Keep in a spray bottle to clean up accidents while traveling. Its clean scent will make your trip more enjoyable.

· Use for cleansing Terrier coats. Put No Rinse in a sudsing bottle without diluting and apply suds to a small wash cloth. Wait a few seconds for the cloth to absorb excessive liquid. Apply suds directly to coat with cloth.

· Bathe sick or recovering dogs. Use the No Rinse to give a mini bath to a dog that cannot be immersed in water.

· Show dogs are winning with Pure Paws.





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    No Rinse Shampoo Gallon
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