Oil (Moroccan Argan/Jojoba Blend) 6oz

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Moroccan Argon/Jojoba blend.

This blend of Moroccan Argon Oil and Jojoba Oil is far superior to others. This oil improves and protects the coat for in- between shows. Works great sprayed directly on the coat or mixed as a leave in coat conditioner. Can either be applied to a damp or dry coat. This product contains no mineral oil.. The combination of Argon and Jojoba oils offer both protection and healing for the skin, contain antioxidants,  vitamin E and B Complex which promotes skin and hair health, and can also fight fungal infections. With these two oils you are moisturizing the skin, conditioning the coat, and helping combat dry skin. 

For Best Results:

*Please test patch before wrapping or spraying all over coat.

*Spray directly on a coat, do not saturate the skin. 

*When changing wraps spray the oil onto the coat and brush through. If no extra oil is needed use a Pure Paws Spray as a brush through.

*This product should be washed completely out every 3 to 4 days and re-applied on a clean coat.


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